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Other organizations

Below it is presented a list of organizations which are relevants for the consumer on Internet. The Spanish Agency for Consumer Affairs, Food Safety and Nutrition maintains a close relationship with them and our goal is to develop joint projects so these organizations will grow more and will be more efficient in their consumer protection tasks.


Association of Internet users to protect their rights against big telecommunications companies, providers, computer enterprises and any body competent in this field.

Association whose goal is the defence and protection of the legitimate social and economic interests of the users of banks, financial and insurance institutions located in Spain.

The Association of Internet Users is focused on the promotion of the Information Society development, generate public opinion and influence companies' and Public Administrations' behaviour.

Created in 1981, the General Association of Consumers (ASGECO) is a Spanish confederation which is made up of numerous consumer organizations and federations from all over the country.

The main purpose of the Association of Media Users (AUC) is to defend the general interests and basic rights of citizens with respect to their relationship with different media, communication systems and new information technologies.

Founded in 1968, the Spanish Confederation of Organisations of Housewives, Consumers and Users is the first consumers protection organization in Spain. Since its inception this organization has been working on training, representation and legal defence of consumers in different fields.

The Confederation of Consumers and Users (CECU) is a democratic, progressive, pluralist and independent organization. It is made of the most representative consumers protection organizations from the different Autonomous Communities.

FACUA is a non-governmental and non-profit organization devoted, since its creation in 1981, to the legal defence of consumers' rights. It is independent of governments, political parties, religious confessions or business interests, and it is characterized as being democratic, progressive, plural and participative.

The Federation of Independent Users and Consumers (FUCI) is a state-wide association founded in 1986 whose main goals are the promotion and development of consumers rights, ensuring they are respected, and the promotion of sustainable consumption and combat of misleading advertising.

Hispacoop is the Spanish Confederation of Consumer and User Cooperatives and it involves and coordinate 166 consumer cooperatives which in turn represent more than 3.100.000 partners and more than 57.000 employees.

The Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU) is a private, non-profit making and independent association whose main goals are to defence the consumers' interests, guide them in their decisions, help them to solve their problems regarding consumption and ensure the respect of their rights.

UCE focuses its efforts on the improvement of life quality of citizens as consumers and users, representation and defence of their interests (individual and collective) and promotion of their participation in social life. UCE is constituted by Consumers Unions from several provinces in Spain.

In 1979 the Spanish Civic Union Federation of Consumers and Housewives was founded, which in 1985 became the UNAE Federation, and nowadays involves 170 federated associations, territorial delegations in 12 Autonomous Communities and 180000 partners.