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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Below you will find the answer to the most important and frequently asked questions related to consumption in Internet. If you have any further questions or concerns, contact us by e-mail.

What information should be provided to the customers?

Online shops have to provide the customers and competent authorities the following information free of charge and in an accessible, direct and permanent way:

· Their business name or commercial name.
· Address of their office or any other permanent premises in Spain.
· An e-mail address and any other contact data that enables a direct and effective communication.
· Information identifying their registration with the Commercial Registry.
· Their tax identification number.
· Codes of conduct to which they are subscribed and the way to check them.

May additional charges be applied at the end of the purchase process?

When the price of the purchase is provided, the seller has to clearly offer the whole information about the exact price of the good or service including applied taxes and breaking down, when necessary, the discounts or price increases, shipping charges or any additional costs regarding ancillary services, financing or any other payment conditions.

Should management and shipping expenses have to be indicated from the beginning of the purchase process?

Shipping charges should be indicated from the beginning of the purchase process. If the exact amount cannot be calculated until the end of the process, it will be warned and an orientative amount will be indicated from the beginning of the process.

Do I have to comply with other countries legislation if the e-commerce web is aimed at Spanish customers?

Contracts made by e-commerce are considered to be concluded at the consumer's residence. The parties have to submit to the Courts and Tribunals of the customer's place of residence or the location of the good if this is a real estate. Any obligation to submit to any other Court or Tribunal will be considered illegal including to subject the contract to a foreign law.

Should I pay the shipping expenses if I want to return a defective product or I am not satisfied with it?

If the product is defective, repairing or replacement will be free-of-charge for the consumer, including any action to remedy the lack of conformity of the goods, especially shipping expenses and costs related to labour and materials. In case of withdrawal of the purchase, the trader can demand the customer to deal with the costs for the shipment of the product.

Can I return a product purchased on Internet?

Apart from a few rare exceptions, you have 14 calendar days from the reception of the product to return it without giving any reason. Moreover, the provider has to inform about the right of withdrawal and the way to do it (a document or method to contact the trader in order to notify the intention of returning the good).

Which are the main rights I have to take into account when I contract a trip?

· Be sure the airline company inform about the broken down total price (tickets, taxes, management costs, etc.).

· No price increase may be made during the twenty days immediately prior to the departure date of the trip.

· In the event of essential change of the agreement, it must be notified immediatly to the consumer in order to accept the new contrat conditions within the next three days after the notification. If you don't inform about your decision within that period, it will be assumed you terminate the contract (without any penalty).

· Make sure that there is no checkbox ticked by default and take into account that the airline company cannot force you to take out a travel insurance.