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Public administration websites have a duty to fulfil the accessibility criteria set out in UNE regulation 139803:2012. This regulation sets out a series of features that all web portals must include in order to be accessible. It also serves as the basis for the ICT Accessibility Certification (Web Accessibility) currently in force in Spain.

The administration websites must also meet all the priority 2 verification points (adaptation of Double A level) set out in the Guidelines on Accessibility to Web Content (WCAG 2.0) the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI-AA) of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

El Ministerio de Sanidad, Consumo y Bienestar Social, main goal is to ensure that its website is as accessible and user-friendly as possible. For this reason it has been designed taking into account the standards and regulations currently in force in relation to accessibility, for which checks are carried out prior to the publication of new content. However, there may be pages which are not 100% adapted to these standards, as some of the sections included in the portal are currently in the process of being adapted and improved. If you have any problems accessing the information contained on this website, please contact us.

Also, bear in mind that to carry out operations using an electronic signature the browser must use Javascript and the necessary electronic signature client components.

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Pressing a combination of keys gives rapid access to certain pages or page content.

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The procedure varies depending on the browser you use. Below we explain the operations for the most common browsers.

Internet Explorer 5 and above (Windows): Press and hold the Alt key, press the number or letter of the access key, release both keys and press ENTER.

Firefox (Windows): Press and hold the Shift and Alt keys at the same time and press the number or letter of the access key.

Firefox (Mac OS X): Press and hold the Ctrl key and press the number or letter of the access key.

Safari (Mac OS X): Press and hold the Control key and press the number or letter of the access key.

Konqueror (Linux): Press and hold the Control key and press the number or letter of the access key.

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If you wish to change the size of the text on this website, you can do so pressing the three buttons Zoom 100% Zoom 120% Zoom 140% that you will find in the upper right side of our website.